Royal II produces less big III gems when Duskside helm activates

This happened in a KD fight today. Royal II was supposed to produce 6 big-III gems but only produced 4.

I tested in regular fight and it also happens. I only see it happen when Duskside helm activates, but happens quite frequently.


Hello, I would like to add some information that might help narrow down the problem.

I tested it too and didn’t encounter this bug.

Maybe it only happens when Duskside Helm and your Royal set have the same rarity?

My Royal items are of Epic rarity while my Duskside Helm is Legendary.

I just tested epic royal II + legendary Duskside helm. This bug still happens, just a bit less frequently.

Okay, thanks for giving it a more thorough testing.

So the Duskside helm just overrides the Royal II gems instead of upgrading them to IV. At least that is the expected behavior I would suspect with these two abilities interacting. (That is also how I read the item description)

And if they shouldn’t interact with each other, a check is missing so the Duskside helm doesn’t override other gems created.