[Ticket Submitted] 2.5.1 crashes when matching skulls

Was: crashes as soon as I match skulls.
Update: When I matched skulls in a specific battle (dailies) but other battles seem to work.
Android 14, Oneplus 12 with latest patches.

Not sure what else to say, really.

  • mtnorth
  • Are you getting any error messages, if so can you attach a screenshot?

  • Is it against a specific enemy?

  • Which daily battle - siege or dungeon events? Or a different one

  • What is your loadout in this battle?

Anecdotal chime-in.

I don’t have this issue on Steam with after the update.
Ailile doesn’t have this issue on Android after the update.

So, perhaps a loadout issue?

It was the first battle I did today and it crashed on the same move (matching skulls) twice in a row. But now after having restarted it 3 times it seems to work (no crash).
It was Challenges, Chapter 6 Skirmish with my Necromance
There’s no error message (the app disappeared).
My code is MTNORTH_QEXD if you want to check the loadout.

Ok, I have played several more battles without crashes and now it crashed again. And again when matching skulls.

Can you list your loadout please, and are you using the Godslayer weapon?

Weapon is a Runic Mace. All standard base gear.

Does it happen when you aren’t using the Runic Mace, for example with your Tome loadout?

Yes, Assassin hero with Tome also crashes. But not with skull. After spell.
I wonder if it is a timing issue. Have you tested with very fast phones (i.e., Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 like U24 Ultra or OP 12)?

As in, it closes down completes and doesn’t relaunch? Or the game automatically restarts?

Also, which Spell? Or is it any spell?

RIght, but “closes down” is not how I would describe it. The app is there and then it is not. There is no message or animation, it “just disappears”.

@mtnorth does it look like this?

Or does the screen go black? Just as much information you can share, or if you can post a screenshot - so I can pass it onto the devs cos at the moment, it’s hard to try and reproduce what is happening to resolve, without knowing exactly what’s going on.

Also, again, was the latest instance after casting a specific spell or any spell?

This is on Android. Your screen shot is from PC. It doesn’t look like that. The app is killed and gone. The app is no longer running. It is dead. The screen shot would be of the home screen of my phone.
I think the only way to have a chance to resolve would be if you had a way to enable debug logging and then I could send you those logs when PQ3 crashes.

The confirming if it looked similar was to get an idea of if the game was open at all or if there were assets missing, as previously the only information supplied had been that the “app disappeared” and just wanted to clarify - but thank you for letting me know it closed completely to your home screen.

Again, in your last instance of this happening you mentioned it occurred after you cast a spell this time, whereas initially you mentioned the game crashed after skull matching - can you let me know what Spell?

Also, if you have a log that would be amazing - in the meantime a screen recording will do perfectly, can be submitted in a ticket as you can’t attach them on the forum.

I have submitted a bug request with a video: 134227


This happens consistently when using Godslayer in Kingdom Defence battles.

I’ve reported this and my finding via support email.

I have 6/6 eldritch god set so readily create new gems and match heroic chains frequently

However the system for calculating the final damage in Kingdom Defence doesn’t seem to cater for additional matches created by exploding gems beyond what it expects to be the final damage calculation (probably from the last group of matching gems) if you match skulls at that point, explode gems and create a further number of matches the system farts and crashes.

This only happens If you create a chain as above on the turn just prior to the dragon casting its spirit spell then the game errors out. Nothing meaningful in the error at all. The result then is a 0 score against the dragon and -1 KD attempts.

It should be super simple to recreate your side. I could reliably create it any time I fought in KD.

Other than that I don’t get the issue elsewhere, I suspect the mechanism for calculating score for KD is different than that of standard matches.

I swapped (and still do for KD) out my godslayer for another weapon and voila…. No issue.