Update 1.5 Patch Notes

Couple of bugs:

  • Server Error Code:

General navigation on Kingdom Screen generated the error.

  • Adventure Mode softlock issue still exists in 1.5.0.


Wow. Talk about taking the wind from my Sails… You guys did an update and it feels like a different game. Some (all?) encounters have been reduced to a single enemy with inflated stats, while also removing my gem match “chip” damage… What is the logic here?

I haven’t even tried the action points thing yet…

I am not gonna lie I was a hater of the new action point mode until I did some thinking and changed out a spell and changed my playstyle a bit, now I love it!


I’m actually really liking the action point thing, too!


These changes do truly feel a bit like a new game. However, overall I also feel its a positive direction. I also prefer AP and love the focus on a bigger board. Until now im still playing timer though, as I seem to perform better.

My hope is that this update opens the door for more strategic play development.


Wondering about STUN. As I just got 7-in-a-row horizontally and DID NOT stun the enemy like I always have before. Is it now the entire ROW? I can’t find this information anywhere online.

Yes, it is the entire row.

I wasn’t a hater but was having trouble seeing why I would want to use it… until I realized I could cast in between matches and vice versa. Now I am totally onboard.

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Yes, it’s an entire row. Because with AP you can now move gems and cast spells in any order, it actually seems easier to get an entire row now than it was before, even though you now need eight instead of seven.

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I’m really enjoying the new AP system. Allowing us to match and cast in any order is a vast improvement in gameplay. Battles are taking longer because there’s more thought involved, which is great and I’m now beating Elite 10k battles much more easily than before.

My main gripe: The Assassin build that I was using for KD has gone from 4-500k damage down to 25-100k. To be fair, I knew I needed a better KD class anyway and was building a Necro - but I’ve been aggressively levelling up several classes and have almost no glyphs left, so it’s now going take months to get a working KD class again!

Couple of additional crashes:

  • Idling on the Kingdom defense screen can generate client errors.

  • From a kingdom-mate: Some offers in the guild bazaar are throwing error messages when purchased.

EDIT: Kingdom-mate says that the crash occurs when a Restock is applied and both units of stock for that item are purchased at once. Purchasing the item one at a time worked correctly.


Thanks for the bug reports and the feedback so far I have been writing this all up for the team!


@Kafka Don’t forget to include in your notes that the team needs to discuss how they’ll compensate people who purchased the Serpentine Flame Ring and the Jeweled Gold Grasp! Either that, or fix those items so they work in their corresponding set. I prefer the latter option.


I’m seeing another problem with the new pvp scoring. There is currently a very significant advantage to using timer gameplay instead of action points, for pvp, in terms of ability to maximize your score. I would think that runs counter to the design goals of balancing the two gameplay choices. Because the scoring is based on turns, that advantage is sort of baked in. But counting the AI turns makes it all but impossible to maximize score using AP.

Maybe the fundamental issue is putting one of the most significant sources of gem income into the pvp rewards, instead of a different mode. :thinking:


I like new board, action points, and ai matching. Feels more strategic with options to generate your mana, deny enemy mana, make columns. Debuffs are more impactful now so nice enemies stick around a while. Definitely a more puzzley Puzzle Quest.

A good change up / improvement.

Now I want more board manipulating spells.

Do hope the pvp turns thing gets fixed, not liking the idea of lucky skulls only for max score.

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New class suggestion: Metamage
His speciality spell: swaps 1/2/3 chosen pairs of gems on the board.
It is annoying when you can ‘almost’ do a full row, but one gem missing on the side. It had been implemented in many match3 or other gem matching games, and is incredibly useful.

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We are trying to save the trees, after all.

New 1.5 Season Issues:

  • Basilisk missing Enemy Type classification.
  • Dungeon Miniboss/Boss also missing Enemy Type classification.

  • If Diseased, and the Player’s Ultimate falls below one full charge, the Ultimate spell indicator fails to update properly. Game does recognize (somewhat) the disqualification to cast the Ultimate for lack of charge and presents an error message, but not the right one…

EDIT: Additional Bug:

  • Male Shamans cannot select the new Season 1.5 Premium Skin (is selectable for Females).

Significant enough to warrant pinging @Jeto back to the post.


@Jeto @Kafka Can we have some Extra Gear Vault Space for the new season items?
Because “Northelm Solution” is not helping most of the players.
I’m playing for 9 months and I still need 10 more crystals for lv50 and more for the extra space crafting. It will take months to get extra gear space.


Exactly. And players like me, even from Early Access, others too, will need much more time to get Northelm to 50. And then again, one needs extra crystals to actually expand space. You can easily give at least the space needed for the new Season 5 gear.