Update 2.0 Patch Notes

I think it was triggered from one of these two possible situations:

While a player is inside the guild bazaar:

  • Some else in the guild completes the guild bazaar prize tier for the day.
  • Someone else in the guild refreshed the guild bazaar stock while that player is shopping in the bazaar at that moment.
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Not so sure this is fixed…

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Not so much patch related, but someone from The Team might want to take a look at the public PQ3 homepage (especially with console release soon).

There’s some seriously bad formatting issues on the media posted on the home page.


We actually do have a website rework on the way but like… this… is something else
I’ll pass it on!

Also reported the blank map/hero swap issue

@Jeto, just curious: your last message about the Resh crystals “literally being worked on at the moment” was 18 days ago. Looking at the Archived Seasons, the Resh Crystals are still missing, the UNIQUE marked spells / minions / skins were re-stocked to 1 regardless if you already bought them before… I did not try to buy something already own though, because I do not want to waste the Coins… it would just be awesome to get this fixed soon :wink:

→ any ETA on when will this be fixed? With each week, we miss 2 Resh Crystals - while not a “big deal”, it is still very annoying…

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Been over 1 month now since this occurred. Players, especially those who began play after Season 1.3 concluded, are severely limited in advancing Resh.

@Thalinae asked this same question nearly a week ago. Can we get some response?

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Sorry for missing this one, I thought I had popped a response in here - I have poked at the team and it is a part of my requests for 2.1.
But I do not have confirmation if it will be in the next update.

I’ve mentioned around, but the team is deep in console submission work currently, so once that is completed and released [and they have a well-earned treat] I’ll be able to get some more information.

Softlock on defeating the female knight miniboss (Keykeeper).

She took a massive melee crit this time around, and then the game soft-froze. Closed and restarted the game, and I ended up back in the Tavern with a lost sigil for the day. Third or fourth time this happened to me this Season already.


@Lyrian can you send this in a ticket to Support please, have some more Q’s so I can pass on the details to the team.

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Done. Ticket #126554.

Also, can you have someone spot check that when using daily energy in the Season Dungeon, that it is rolling the Chapter 2 Dungeon to play from time to time? I think I’m rolling the Chapter 1 Dungeon near (if not completely) 100% of the time.

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Just to confirm are these the Season > Battles > Dungeons

And is it the same Chapter and same enemies each battle, or just various enemies from that chapter?
Also, are you retreating or completing all these Dungeon battles and seeing the same results? As retreating will affect this.

But even just looking at a few battles myself, out 8 battles one 1 has been a different location/chapter, so I’ll mention it to the team this morning.
I had been retreating the last few battles, so that is why I saw a lot of the same


Random 1st enemy, same mini-boss and boss.

In-game day just rolled, so I’ll run through those sigils now.

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My past few Season Dungeon battles, without retreating - on my personal account

  1. chpt 1
  2. chpt 2
  3. chpt 1
  4. chpt 2
  5. chpt 1
  6. chpt 1
  7. chpt 2

9 Dungeon Battles for Today: 3 Chapter 1, 6 Chapter 2. Had a streak of 5 Chapter 2 battles in a row.

Going to say at this point that streaky RNG is potentially very streaky when it wants to be.

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Disappointing to hear that they broke access to players acquiring or improving a follower they introduced to much fanfare and have decided to essentially shrug it off for nearly two months. Fix the stuff you break before working on other stuff that is not even introduced and probably just as broken.


Anyone knows about this 10/11 PvP tokens?

Have you upgraded Gong to mythic? When you upgrade Gong to mythic you go to 11 max but you won’t get the actual extra token until next reset.


Had a soft crash happen today on the KD dragon after a 1st turn death by crit.

If I had to take a guess, the board failing to fill might be a result of the board still cascading for the AI side after the dragon after a very long cascade after the melee attack occurred and the player died as a result of the melee attack.


It’s not a bug! It’s a feature!


Probably way too LTTP for 2.1 at this point, but two QoL requests/observations:

  1. When completing a Chapter in Archive Mode, can the player be returned to the relevant Season home screen instead of being dumped all the way back to the Tavern? ← This one grinds my gears enough to finally file a request on the matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. A couple of coincidences in-guild today that got me thinking a bit on another matter I normally don’t pay that much attention towards, but two and two came together for no special reason at all.

In the guild Discord, there was a robust debate on the passes and which one were desirable or not. There was little disagreement that even after the pass revamps in 2.0, the VIP pass was still universally deemed the worst pass to buy.

Then, today in the guild bazaar Northelm crystals appeared, but only on the VIP section of the bazaar.

Of course, with Northelm crystals being desirable, there was grumbling to be heard. That made me think, “When was the last time something truly desirable showed up as a VIP only offer?”. I had to admit that I couldn’t remember. A very long time, at least.

Decent VIP offers show up in GoW somewhat frequently, but not here in PQ3 where the VIP slots are really just two extra dice rolls against the general offer pool for the day.

Could the design team be asked to review the offers being generated for the VIP slots in the guild bazaar / daily deal board to add more value to the VIP passes by giving them better odds of desirable things appearing in VIP slots than normal and/or extra discounts on those things (such as VIP slot offers are handled in GoW currently)?