Update 2.0 Patch Notes

Sometimes I feel like I’m playing Procrastination 3, instead of PuzzleQuest 3. :laughing: I kid… I kid.

9 Follower crystals buys you plenty of days in my book
Happy Birthday!!!


Just out of curiosity @Jeto, what’s the logic of allowing almost a month for people to finish chapters 1-3 on easy, but only a week to complete all three on elite? That seems backwards. It always has, but I finally got around to asking. :grin:


A guildmate is generating crash messages when attempting to lower the difficulty of the new Adventure.


Yes, I have submitted a ticket about it too, two days ago.
I hope it will be resolved before the Adventure ends. (Could win that hard battle later, so all good, only the last battle remains, and we have two more days.)

In 2.0, pigs can apparantly fly.




It’s funny that drop rates on relics have been touted multiple times like here:

All those previous times it was never really true. Now without any fanfare, it’s clearly true. I guess better late than never.


Or we’re just seeing the .01% drop rate finally dropping t4 relics after 2 years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I mean, it was bound to happen eventually.

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we pushed a small little patch that included the following:

  • Added new SFX for Fallen Star seasonal content

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where gems could swap across the board and lock into an incorrect place
  • Dungeons in Story modes will now give XP similar to their single-enemy counter parts
  • Fixed background audio playing over itself when opening and closing the map
  • [tentative] Event Streaks were resetting
    • This is still being investigated

When are Resh Crystals coming back to Archive Season 1.3?

Are the Season segments no longer named?

@Lyrian this is intended currently. We might go back to naming each segment but for now going forward they are not named specifically.

Resh Crystals are literally being worked on at the moment, just don’t have a specific ETA on when that will get pushed to live. But the team will let me know once it is!


@Jeto do we know if PQ3 will come to Nintendo Switch?

At this stage no confirmed information/plans for Switch, but if that changes then there will be announcement like anything else.

That’s a bummer… Seems like Switch would be an ideal platform… Lots of casual gamers

Yes, it’s me! When a company is advertising a game in different languages and German is supported … then pls fix this. Thanks.


It seems text lines are missing completely. The picture shows the second time it’s happening. Pls check your code.

This was a known issue previously, but I’ll raise it again with the team to chase up with localisation. Thanks for sharing the screenshots too!
Update to this: Expected to be resolved in the next 24 hours or so!

Guild bazaar crash. Unsure of the cause behind this one.

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@Lyrian was this when attempting to purchase an item or just attempting to open the Bazaar? SE usually means someone else playing has caused the crash.