[Fix Incoming] Opening Story Cache Locks Up Game

I was playing Story Mode and finished a battle which resulted in a new Story Cache.
I opened the cache, salvaged an item and put my phone down for bit. When I came back and unlocked my phone the game was unresponsive.

I closed it and opened it again.

Every time I open the game it replays my last turn and shows me winning the battle and prompts me to open the cache again to continue. At which point the game is unresponsive again.

The “fix” appears to be waiting 15 mins before opening the game again.

Hello! @D4-TX

Would you mind letting me know what platform and chapter this issue happened in?

Chapter 3, Part 6.
I’m on an iPhone with iOS 16


Thanks for letting me know.

I’ll keep an eye out just in case this happens again and please do let us know if it does.

Same problem 1 minute ago when playing mount gobknocker.
iPad with newest system.


Thanks for letting us know the issue popped up again.

Just a heads up, this issue looks similar to another issue the development team are currently investigating with a softlock after restarting the game.

There should be a fix in the next update!

I think this will happen when you finished a battle, open chest, and be softlocked when you salvaging something.